Leader of the Polyurethane Foundation! SINJIN MACHINERY CORP.


Sinjin Machinery Corp., which considers the Needs of consumers as a top priority,
Professional manufacturer of polyurethane(sponge) industrial machinery

Sinjin Machinery Corp. specializes in manufacturing, producing and selling polyurethane(sponge) industrial machinery.
We will always be a leading company that regards consumer's value as a top priority from the customer's perspective.


Welcome to Sinjin Machinery Corp.
Since the establishment of the company, we have continued our efforts to improve our technology and
improve our services with our top priority as "customer satisfaction through technological innovation".
Through 40 years of accumulated know-how and continuous technology development,
we will endeavor to become the best company in the field and strive to advance not only in Korea but also overseas,
and to inform the world of excellence in the domestic machinery industry.
As a leader of technological innovation in the future, we will take the lead in service innovation and
do our best to make a great contribution to your business.We promise to be your most trusted partner.

Thank you.

CEO Gil-Dong Kim